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Families and School Partnerships

For family and school partnerships to be effective, Summer School Health brings families, leaders, and school staff together to make healthier communities to determine the challenges in family engagement and the health needs of children.

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Nourished Program

Summer School Health’s Nourished program is a broad approach to providing nutrition education and better access to food which will result in better health of children. We want to do this by asking families, schools, and students to eat healthy food.

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Energized Program

The Energized program of Summer School Health is a broad approach to active play and physical activity that is focused on building the schools’ capacity to provide opportunities for physical activity on school days on top of students’ physical education classes.

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Health Education

Lessons about puberty or sex education are usually what people think of health education. They might also think of having some lessons about nutrition. Nevertheless, comprehensive health education goes beyond that. Children spend a lot of time in school, so schools are very important to improve and develop children’s mental and physical health holistically so that they can have a bright future. Moreover, health education equips children with the attitude and skills they need to be productive and successful adults.


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Teaching Kids About Healthy Eating Habits in a Fun Way

Teaching children about healthy eating is important for their growth and development. Good nutrition is essential for physical and mental well-being. Starting this education early helps children make better food choices throughout their lives. But the challenge is making the learning process enjoyable. When children have fun, they are more likely to engage and remember the information. To teach healthy eating in a fun way, consider incorporating fun review games and activities. This method helps children understand nutrition without feeling bored or overwhelmed. …

Brain-foods for Students

The Top 10 Brain-foods for Students

The brain is a muscle and like all muscles, it needs good fuel to function at its best. So if you’re looking to improve your focus and stay sharp while hitting the books, you should try to include brain-friendly foods in your diet.
Some great brain-food options include fish, nuts, seeds, avocado, and dark leafy greens. So load up on these healthy foods and get ready to tackle that next big test!
1. Fish
Fish is a great brain-food because it’s high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for …

Quick and Easy Teacher Lunch Ideas

Quick and Easy Teacher Lunch Ideas

As a teacher, you know that it can be tough to find time to cook a nutritious meal. But with a little planning, you can pack a healthy lunch that will give you the energy you need to make it through the day! In this article, we’ll provide some tips for creating teacher lunches for your lunch bags, as well as some easy recipes for make-ahead meals. So read on for inspiration and get cooking!
Veggie and Hummus Wraps

Nutrition Tips for Teachers – How to Stay Sharp and Full of Energy Throughout the Workday

Teaching students full-time is a cognitively challenging vocation. Throughout the workday, an educator needs to make all sorts of decisions, present different topics in an understandable manner for all students, answer all kinds of questions coming from the students, and deal with all types of unexpected situations in the classroom.
Despite that, they are working a high-energy job. So there is no doubt that packing lunch bags for school with healthy meals is not their top priority, at least not for most teachers.

Nature Learning Activities You Can Do with Kids

When your children are at home, you can make the most out of this moment by providing them time to experience and learn about nature. It can also be beneficial for their health since their immune system can be improved when they get their hands dirty. Aside from learning about science more, they can enjoy fresh air when they are out in the environment. Here are some nature-themed activity ideas you can do.
Bug Hunting
You and your children can go outside and bring with you a magnifying glass, a notebook, a pencil, and a small container. Then, go around the base of trees, bushes, and flowers or turn over rocks so that you …

Ways to Make Meals Last Longer

Who does not wish that their meals can last long? Avocado lovers can understand this. You do not need to worry much about wasting food because you can make the most of your food with a little planning. One of the easy ways to stretch your meals is to make sure your freezer is working properly. Here are some ways to make your meals last longer.

Have a stock of whole grains such as lentils, beans, barley, oats, brown rice, and farro
If you have leftover vegetables you do not know what to do with, you can cook some pasta. Then, cook the veggies into your sauce of choice. This can ensure that your vegetables will not go …

How Important the Parents’ Involvement Is in Education to Children’s Future

It can be understood easily that access to good education is not the same for everyone. Some schools have a lot of resources and funds while others do not have enough because of zip codes. Nevertheless, there is an effective way to have quality education regardless of location, race, or financial status. Parent involvement can play a huge role in boosting students’ achievement.
Many studies done in the past 50 years have reported that the academic performance of students improves when parents take an active role in their child’s education. Not only does it improve a child’s academic achievement, but it also brings about better…