For family and school partnerships to be effective, Summer School Health brings families, leaders, and school staff together to make healthier communities to determine the challenges in family engagement and the health needs of children. We want to develop and implement effective and objective solutions. Everyone involved will act as change agents to improve a child’s health.

According to the National Center on Safe Supportive Learning Environments: Family-School-Community Partnerships, elementary and secondary level students get better scores, feel more motivated, and regularly attend school more when families, schools, and communities work hand in hand.

In January 2020, a national representative survey was done. It reported that even though more than 80% of parents take an interest in giving their opinions about the health issues of their children, 51% of parents do not feel that they play an important role in deciding about the well-being and health of their children in school. That is why we aim to bridge this gap to make the collaboration of families and schools a success.