At Summer School Health, we believe that healthy children create a better world.

Our Mission

Summer School Health is a non-profit organization that fosters family and school relationships so that children have healthy minds and bodies.

Our Vision

We strive to make the world better by making children healthy. Having resilience and strong relationships can provide them social-emotional learning.

Each child deserves to have lasting good health so that a bright future for all can be achieved. They also have the right to healthy food and proper nutrition education. To stimulate their imagination and boost their energy, we also focus on giving them enough physical activity.

Because of our programs, financial aids, and many free resources online, we assist schools and families in providing proper nutrition, social-emotional learning, and ample physical activities to underprivileged students in the US.

For kids to become happy and healthy adults, we are fully committed to working together with schools, families, and communities.